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Consistency is the Key

Those words keep ringing in my ears whenever I meet with Trainer, Winston Squire and those same words also resonated with me in my first meeting with Rosemary Gordon.

So as I’ve said before I’ve done the eating plans, I’ve done the 6 week workout and then stopped.

Got together with Winston Squire (who isn’t letting me stop) and we’ve started a number of warm up exercises, just once a week, and I keep moving the other days, whether it’s walking in the park or leaving the car and walking to the tube station. The mission right now is to just keep moving every day with consistency.

Join me and let’s see how we go. Let’s talk about exercise and movement, let’s talk about food and nutrition, let’s talk about outward and inward appearance and feelings.

We’re busy women, mothers, partners and need to ensure health and wellness is a major part of our lives, not squeezed in the few minutes we have left at the end of each day.

Angie x

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