Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra

Does lingerie modelling have a negative impact?  I caught up with Curvy Kate’s new “Star in a Bra” to get her take on the issue, and to also talk lingerie, and body consciousness.

Full name: Lotte Williams

Age: 22

Full-time occupation: Student

What made you enter the Star in a Bra competition?

I was already a fan of Curvy Kate and first heard about the competition around June 2012 through Boutique 65, a lingerie shop that I work in in Essex. Annoying, this meant I had a whole year to wait before I could apply and I made a promise to myself there and then that I would enter the following year and now here I am!

Did you ever see yourself as a model, was it a mission you’ve had for a while?

I’ve always loved the idea of modelling but never intended to pursue it as a career, especially as in the industry there seems to be a lack of opportunities for my size – I’m too small to be a ‘plus size’ model and too big for anything else.

Lingerie modelling can sometimes have a negative label attached, how do you overcome that negativity?

It’s easy when working for a brand like Curvy Kate because they are about more than just the underwear, they are about trying to change the way women are perceived in the fashion industry and therefore eveything they do is done in such a tasteful way.  My personal opinion is that lingerie modelling should have no negative labels attached at all, why should it be any different from modelling clothing?  We all wear it and I strongly believe that appreciating the beauty of the human form should not be a taboo subject.

Curvy Kate pride themselves in promoting women with curves, real women, is it important to you to endorse that image?

Incredibly, from a young age I have been blessed in the chest department and as I have matured I am now incredibly proud of my hour glass shape.  All because of the amazing support from my family and friends and being around curvy women such as my Mum.  I have never had much of an issue with my body shape.

I hope that by representing Curvy Kate, I can inspire other young girls to gain this confidence and feel proud of what they’ve got,  just like my Mum has done for me.

Was lingerie a passion of yours before you entered the competition?

Absolutely, from a young age I have really appreciated what an amazing set of underwear can do for your confidence and now there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t wear a matching set! Of course, working in such a beautiful lingerie boutique means I am now even more passionate about it and my underwear drawer is growing at an alarming rate!

How do you feel to be the new face of Curvy Kate?

I am so honoured that the public voted for me to be in the position, so thank you to all of you who helped to get here. I am also incredibly excited about the year to come and I’m more than ready to make the most of every single opportunity that is thrown my way.

Is body consciousness something you now take seriously?

I have always appreciated the importance of body consciousness as I am of the opinion that you are only born with one body, so look after it and appreciate what you have.  There is no point spending your life striving for perfection, as this can only be found when you learn to accept yourself for who you are.  As long as you are healthy, you should be happy.

Why is lingerie important to you?

You wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations and it is no different when it comes to lingerie! Once you have a well-fitted bra and a comfortable pair of knickers on, clothing will look and fit better and therefore you will feel more confident in yourself and appear more confident to everyone around you.


I think it is safe to say by reading Lotte’s interview that she is definitely Feeling Fab!!

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