Feeling Fab in 2015

Last year I started writing on Feeling Fab. I was uncertain as to how that would play out because although my passion is baby and children’s interiors, I do have other loves as well.

I felt honoured when Angie offered me the opportunity to contribute to this awesome portal! I was even more thrilled when she gave me the platform to write from my heart.

Now if the opportunity had come a year earlier, I would most certainly have arrived on the scene donning a facade. I would have felt the need to transmute into someone more suited for the Feeling Fab community. However, last year started me on a journey of authenticity, where I learned that the best way to impact others positively was to be myself. We can only connect with the people we are meant to whilst we’re being ourselves. Picture a jigsaw puzzle; some pieces look like they’d click perfectly together, but they don’t quite fit as they aren’t quite right for each other. In the same way, there are people & experiences that are meant to slot perfectly into our lives, even if it’s just for a season. And then there are those we’re convinced are meant to, until we try and fail at interlocking with them. Authenticity reveals the imperfect before we attempt to force-fit it into our lives.

STUDENT I discovered that the beautiful tapestry of life is made up of experiences and people, who also happen to be our teachers. But we can only learn if we are ready. For me, the last few years have been about getting ready and 2014 began the teaching. What’s interesting is that I relived some old experiences as I journeyed. These were the lessons I wasn’t ready to draw from the first time around. That’s why I agree with that Tao saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Every experience holds in its hand, a gem, or a lesson. The lesson can only be learned if you are ready to receive it, and the readiness occurs when you are authentic enough to admit you need to be taught.

I learned how to ride the storms. I have a tendency to freeze and go into a state of paralysis when I face challenging situations. I deal with it by waiting for it to pass, sometimes cowering in a corner until it’s over. Then I pick up and surge full steam ahead playing catch up, unfortunately that only depletes my energy further which makes a bad situation worse. 2014 taught me that challenges are a very normal part of life, and life does not stop when they show up. We are to sail through the eye of the storm and learn lessons from it, only then would we emerge stronger and more confident.

clutter I wrote about clutter last year while I was learning the lesson on decluttering the chaotic mind. After I had a decluttering session, I regained some space mentally. I’ll explain. One morning while making breakfast, I picked up two eggs in one hand and was immediately transported to my childhood home in Nigeria. As a child, I remembered marvelling at the adults picking up two or even three eggs in one hand, I longed for the day my little hands would be big enough to do the same. Back in my kitchen that morning, I realised I could hold two eggs in one hand and I was overcome with childish euphoria! The removal of clutter from my life made room for old memories to resurface and I had the pleasure of reliving them again. Regular decluttering preserves your creativity to be used intentionally while at the same time conserving your energy.

It has been an exciting journey so far. Writing for the Feeling Fab community has led to my making some wonderful friends, personal growth and self-discovery. I am excited at the prospect of sharing 2015’s lessons with you, as they make their entrance. I look forward to the effects of opening myself to giving and receiving more love. I am excited at the prospect of sharing them with you as they emerge.

 I would love to know, what lessons you learnt in 2014?

Toks AruotureToks Aruoture is a baby and child interior designer, whose passion is creating inspiring spaces that encourage children’s imagination to flourish.

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