Mother’s Day without Mother

Regular reads of the site and recipients of the newsletter will know that Jenny Priestley provides a little entertainment news.  What you may not be aware of is that Jenny lost her mother some years ago and so Mother’s Day and the run up to it isn’t her most favourite time of year.

Knowing that there are many others in her position, Jenny has kindly written a short article sharing her feelings and emotions at this time of year.

I hope it provides comfort!

“Happy Mother’s Day to all mums young and old. There’s nothing as special as your mum – she’s there whenever you need her to support, offer some words of wisdom and love you (because there’s no love like a mother’s love). But spare a thought for those of us who can’t give our mums a call or pop round to wish her a happy day. My mum passed away in 2004, just a few days after Mother’s Day, so it’s always a tough time of year for me.

The ‘special offer’ emails start at least three or four weeks before, you can’t go in certain shops without seeing cards etc. Then in the week before the big day it really ramps up, flowers suddenly take over the supermarkets, adverts all over the media, for those of us who don’t particularly want to be reminded there’s no escape.

I suppose I’ve become a bit evangelical about mums – if that’s possible. I’m always reminding friends and colleagues to make sure they send their cards. A colleague recently said to me his mum was bombarding him with texts – something I would give my right arm for!

But if you are without your mum this year, whether it be the first year without her or the 13th, try to remember the happy times, the laughter. That’s the way I try to remember my Mum, and it always brings a smile to my face, even on the hardest days.”


Thank you so much for sharing Jenny.

Angie x

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