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Oprah joins Brad to produce MLK movie

Oprah WinfreyShowbiz update: Jenny Priestley delivers a fresh batch of celebrity news, including Oprah’s new film about MLK Jr and why Michelle Obama just can’t stay away from the small screen!

Glee star cast in Finding Neverland musical

According to the New York Times, Morrison has been cast as J M Barrie in the new musical based on Finding Neverland.

The show is being produced by Harvey Weinstein with none other than Gary Barlow writing the songs. Morrison will workshop the production and if it goes well the plan to open it in London before moving to Broadway in 2015.

The story follows Barrie as he’s inspired to create Peter Pan after meeting a woman and her four fatherless children. The film adaptation starred Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

Oprah and Brad Pitt to produce film about MLK Jr

We’ve known for a while that Oprah is planning to produce a new film about Martin Luther King Jr. David Oyelowo, who co-starred alongside her in The Butler, will play MLK Jr in the film, titled Selma.

The film’s become even more star studded with Brad Pitt also coming on board to produce. Filming is expected to get underway soon.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson return to the small screen

Jamie Lee Curtis, Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson are all lining up new TV series.

Curtis is to star in a medical drama for CBS playing a doctor who is also mother to adult quadruplets. The show is being produced by David Marshall Grant who worked on Brothers & Sisters.

Davis is teaming up with producer-extraordinaire Shonda Rhimes for a show called How To Get Away With Murder. She’ll be playing a law professor and criminal defence attorney.

Meanwhile, Henson is going to be the female lead in Lee Daniels’ Hip-Hop drama, Empire. She’ll co-star with Terrence Howard in the show, playing the ex-wife of his record company mogul. Great to see such brilliant actresses landing what look to be strong roles!

Michelle Obama just can’t stay off US TV!

Did you see her on Jimmy Fallon? I loved her guest-stint of ‘Ew!’ and when she told Fallon she has “some sway” with the President.

Now she’s going to film a guest appearance on comedy series Parks and Recreation. She’ll be joining Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and the rest of the team on the show’s season six finale. The episode will focus on Mrs Obama’s campaign against child obesity, Moving Up.

Barkhad Adbi has found his next role

BAFTA Award-winning actor, Barkhad Adbi, is to star in The Place That Hits the Sun, a drama about South African marathon runner Willie Mtolo.

Mtolo became friends with Ray de Vries, a white bar owner, during the country’s apartheid era. He also took part in the 1992 New York marathon, so I expect there to be something of a happier ending for Abdi in this film than his last, Captain Phillips.

Fancy some celeb spotting?

The UK premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be at Westfield Vue on March 20 – expect most of the cast to be there.

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