Radio vs. Podcasts

Will Podcasting kill the Radio star?

Let me ask an additional question…CAN Podcasting even come near to killing the Radio star?

My answer to both those questions in a word is NO. They can go hand in hand, but Radio will always be the front runner, and I’ll give you the reasons why.

Four words. The first three begin with the Letter I …


Intimacy is one of the first rules of radio and I don’t know how it works but I know it works. One person, one microphone and a global audience yet each individual person believes you are speaking only to them. No matter what time of day, Early Breakfast, Breakfast, Mid Morning, Afternoon, Drive, Late Show or Overnight, the non-physical presence of a present voice creates an intimate connection who becomes a friend over time

Instant Information

When an instant change in the news occurs, whether locally, nationally or globally speech radio naturally moves from one platform of information to another, so a light hearted topic can transition as far as east is from west to become a serious news affair. The transition is primarily in the hands of the radio presenter, who crafts the conversation, changes the audible temperature and still ensures the programming DNA is in alignment with the radio brand.  With music radio an immediate change in music alters the mood to align with the immediate change in news.

My Final P is …………. Interactive

This is the huge one that runs away and leaves podcating behind, it’s the opportunity to interact and give an opinion on a speech matter or if on a music station you can lift your mood and interact through reliable email, text, tweet, you can even interact with visual digital media.   The podcast is static and doesn’t give an opportunity to interact

Now I do have one last letter, and that letter is P


Radio took OWNERSHIP of keeping the public immediately informed during the global pandemic that no one saw coming at the end of 2019, who could’ve anticipated that 2020 was going to have us locked in our homes.  Speech radio became a source of live up to the minute information, music radio WAS the source of company, the new normal companion for those who found themselves working from home, absolutely unaware of how to manoeuvre throughout their day. Digital listening figures for Smooth Radio alone rose by a staggering 48% and with figures rising at that rate in such a short space of time, I think that solidifies why radio will always be the front runner and podcasts can never kill the radio star


A radio presenter equipped with the appropriate skills can use those tools in podcasting but it is the live element, the edge on the seat news story, feature or artist interview if it’s music radio that will also have that edge.  The 15 – 24 demographic still return to radio, especially music radio for their source of entertainment and have that intimate connection with their favourite DJ/Presenter.

Podcasting does give the radio presenter the opportunity to ‘stretch’ their links as timing is on a different scale so a podcast could work alongside a radio presenter’s show, but Radio has been the media front runner since it’s inception in Britain in 1922, there have been changes, there have been tweaks but it will always be the media that will be first off the blocks .


So what do you think? Have podcasts impacted radio? Did you listen to the radio more during the pandemic? I’d love to hear all about it on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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