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Whitney Houston’s Life Before Bobby

“Whitney was on drugs before Bobby.”

They were the words that Jamie Foster Brown stated quite strongly when I spoke with her the week of Whitney’s death. Jamie is the Editor and Publisher of American magazine Sister 2 Sister and was close friends to Whitney and Bobby, she actually attended their wedding.

Jamie spoke with me at length about Whitney’s death and how it rocked the entertainment industry world wide and left the hearts of her adoring public empty. It would appear that a number of events in Whitney’s life were pointing towards a downward spiral, but she was pulling herself back from a dark place to work on the film Sparkle. She was eating healthy foods, exercising and looking after her body. So what went wrong? Was it a drugs overdose? Did she drown? Whatever it was that took away the voice of an angel and denied the world of her talent, her departure has left an enormous hole in the music business.

Part 1: When people say Brown was the cause of Houston’s downfall and addiction habits, “I tell them to wash their mouth out,” says Jamie. “To say that this boy got her on drugs is absolutely wrong.”

Part 2: “She was gone too soon.” As someone who has known Houston’s friends and family for decades, Jamie gives an insider’s perspective – how Bobbi Kristina is feeling, how Tyler Perry organised a private jet to take her body back to New Jersey and how the family felt about having Bobby Brown at the funeral.

Part 3: Hear my chat with Jenny Priestly featuring the latest on Whitney Houston’s tragic death, plus news from the BAFTAs and Grammys.

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