Angie talks to PR Guru Miranda Leslau

…on turning what appears to be negative into something quite positive!

Miranda Image 1Miranda Leslau, founder of Miranda Leslau PR, is one of the UK’s most respected multi-lingual communications’ experts whose life aim is to ‘make a difference’. Having worked with some of the world’s great and good, Miranda, who has been working in PR since the 90’s, has a dynamic and refreshing approach to life and business, both of which have been positively impacting upon people’s lives and businesses the world over since 2001, when Miranda Leslau PR was launched.

Earlier this year, Miranda received some shocking news about her health which altered not only the way she worked, but the way she now views and lives her life. Whilst some might buckle, Miranda saw this as an opportunity to rise to a very important challenge, one that all of us may have to face at one time or another.

This health feature will hopefully give you an insight into how we all have the opportunity and choice to turn what may appear to be a negative into something quite positive. Miranda, to her credit, confirms that she is now revitalised and, in fact, is starting to Feel Fabulous…

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