We have a new King : Charles III

Saturday 6th May King Charles III was crowned, and it was no surprise that it was an extremely plush affair.  To experience a coronation in my lifetime is historical and the King’s crowning will go down in history, however, at a time when taxes are more like a swear word, heating your home is a struggle, and feeding your children could possibly mean not feeding yourself, I wasn’t surprised at the protests.  Disappointed, but not surprised.  

The last coronation was in 1953 and going by the history books the world was a much difference place.  2023 and Social Media has given the every day person a platform to express their anger, disappointment and disapproval at the class divide and generally people’s struggle doesn’t appear to be improving.

Then there are the staunch Diana fans who remember her, loved and still love her, and feel for Harry who is clearly suffering from the aftermath of the loss of his mother and is struggling with his father’s choice of wife who just happened to be his father’s previous mistress.  

These are every day occurrences in some households but being royal gives the impression that “perfection” is a must.  Another struggle is on one hand the Royals want to appear to be normal and for the people, so why on the other hand are they costing the tax payer so much?  As King I wonder how Charles’ reign will differ from that of his mother’s, will he be in a position to create the change he desires?  Will he be accepted by the Millennials and the GenZ demographic who are on their own mission to create a life with or without the Monarchy?

At 74, King Charles III will not reign as long as his mother did, and I believe that once William takes the throne not only will the world be an even more different place but the monarchy will have a different meaning. My main hope is that he and Harry can get over their differences especially for the sake of their children.

Trends change regularly; fashion trends, food trends, music trends even hair and nail trends.  The Monarchy is a trend that will need to change in order to remain significant.

Image: Hugo Burnand/