A Day In The World of a Radio Presenter

Top Sante magazine is so in line with Feeling Fab and all that it stands for, so I was really happy when I was approached by their Editor to do a feature on the change in lifestyle since changing my hours at work.

The word “Work-a-holic” is disappearing from our vocabulary, and is being replaced with words like “wellness”, “fitness”, “relaxation” and “well-being”. We’re tapping into the need to look after ourselves more, starting from within.

I love my job, and even though I was only working 3 hours a day on Drive, the time of day that I was working started to take its toll.

Read my article “A Day In The World of a Radio Presenter”, and see how the same 3 hours, just at a different part of the day, has changed my life and the lives of those around me.

I’ll bet you can recognise a little of yourself in there!!

Click on the article to read!

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Cover Photo Credit: Alison Webster