BBC’s Sunday Morning Live

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Radio swapped for TV… well, I did for one hour on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live.

Yesterday’s programme debated about the increase in air-traffic, damage to the environment, and whether we should fly less. Now for some of us, that just isn’t a debate at all, if we have family members that live abroad we need to fly and see them from time to time. If you’ve taken your hard earned money and worked all year round, that family holiday is something that you’ve been focusing on and if you can only take your children out of school – if you have children – throughout the holidays then when else are you supposed to fly?

Friday was apparently the busiest day ever for air travel. Flying and air travel is the way forward, and I predict eco-friendly planes in the future, may be hard to imagine but we now have the option to drive electric cars with no exhaust, no engine and therefore no fumes.

If you missed Sunday Morning Live you can watch a clip here or the full episode on BBC iPlayer for 27 days from the date of this post on the following link