Do you charge yourself as much as you charge your phone?

Feeling Fab Founder Angie Greaves flys to Sharm El Sheik to present a live radio show and turn on the Christmas lights!

I always say it, but I don’t always live it.

Relaxation and de-stressing is the key to a sound mind, and keeping your body balanced.  This past weekend, 6th to 8th December, I was asked by my boss at work (Magic FM) to present a radio show live from Sharm El Sheik, I jumped at the chance – any excuse to be in the sun and enjoy natural Vitamin D, I’m there.

My family and I landed in Sharm El Sheik on Saturday 6th at 5.30pm and arrived at the Royal Savoy around 6.30pm, unpacked, had a good meal and took in some evening heat.

IMG_3949.-560pxOn Sunday we got down to work, which started with a production meeting. After which we enjoyed dipping our feet in the pool before getting down to the necessary production duties to make sure this programme was first class.

IMG_3948-meet3pm there were interviews to be done with competition winners and artists. 4.30pm was the last opportunity to ensure that all audio was ready and as of 5pm Egyptian time we were live! No opportunities to look back, we just had to get down to business. Audio packages, Facebook competitions, tweeting… you name it we were on the case to ensure that the clients and radio station competition winners were happy.

IMG_39508pm Eygyptian time we headed back to the villa. A change of clothing, a quick touch up of the make up and tightening some curls with the curling wand, then straight into Soho Square to turn on the Christmas lights in the presence of the Governor of Sharm El Sheik, Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley, the local Egyptian TV station and the CEO of the Royal Savoy. Lights switched on, fireworks cracking, artificial snow falling through lights of every imaginable colour and I’m whisked off to put the first artist on stage. That all goes smoothly, and I make my way to the front off the audience only to find that there are competition winners waiting to be pampered and so they should!

After a 70 minute performance there is a raffle and the second artist appears on stage Tony Hadley performs for 90minutes to a screaming crowd …and I then realise I haven’t eaten, and I’ve had nothing to drink.

Adrenalin has kept me going all night.

IMG_1090On Monday, we went horse riding which I’ve never done before, a beautiful healthily meal in the Seafood Bar, and time by the pool just doing nothing.

The Feeling Fab ethos is about feeling your best and looking after yourself inside and out. What this weekend in Sharm El Sheik has taught me is that’s important to remove yourself from your every day surroundings on a regular basis so that you can breathe a different air, and give yourself space and time to relax.

We charge our phones regularly, but how much do we re-charge ourselves?

Angie x