Curvy Kate Searches for a Star In A Bra

Red Bra

You may not consider a bra as important as any other piece of clothing because it isn’t seen, but that’s probably the reason why it needs to be THE most important piece of clothing wear.

The correctly fitted bra will give you the shape and lift you need and will enhance your clothing which will fall completely differently than when you aren’t wearing the correct size bra. And the feeling you get when you’re wearing a matching set! The colours, the lace, the ribbons… it all contributes towards completing your outfit.

The Curvy Kate brand shows 101% passion for lingerie and recognises that curvy women also need that extra boost when it comes to under clothing.

The Star in a Bra competition is an annual event for Curvy Kate and Marketing Director, Hannah Houston, told Angie about the importance of a well-fitting bra, the passion of the matching set, and how you can enter to be Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra, regardless of your shape or size. She looks for real people with wobbles, stretchmarks and full thighs!

This competition closed in September 2013.