Experience Her Part One

You may have seen me posting on social media all week with the hashtag #LetHerInspireYou. “Her” is the the island of Saint Lucia and “You” was ME this week. The official hashtag of the island is #LetHerInspireYou and boy did she ever!

Seeing as January is always categorised as “Blue/Sad” I was so thrilled to be able to head to my beloved Caribbean to trade Blue Monday for Blue Skies and Blue Water.

I can’t even begin to sing the praises of all the native St. Lucians and all the amazingness they offered. But I will try! There was so much that I’m splitting this into two parts… enjoy my first few days in St. Lucia!

Thank you Lushan Country Life @lushancountrylife tour. Such a wonderful experience, very informative and so nice to eat REAL fruits.

I’m loving the taste of the local cuisines in Saint Lucia… so fresh!

Day 2 it was off to the Sulphur Springs for a mud bath. The aroma was strong, watching bubbling mud in a dormant volcano was scary but the mud on your skin tingles, it’s healing and is a real tourist highlight, (like Lourdes in France)

Drive in Volcano… why not! I was wowed by the bubbling mud Sulphur Springs. The smell is indescribable but the mud bath has my skin glowing 🤗

After the Sulphur Springs I had to stop at Orlando’s Restaurant and Bar. It truly is a love experience. From the breadfruit cake to the fish and gratin it all taste exquisite!

Lunch was with my dear friend Orlando Satchel who relocated to the island from London. Orlando’s Restaurant specialises in fine cuisine Saint Lucian style.
And if you’re passing there I highly recommend the Catch of the Day grilled, with the Pumpkin and Bread Fruit Gratin.  He’ll “encourage” you to drink quite a lot of Chairman’s Reserve(!) but I recommend consuming huge amounts of water in that heat or at least one glass of water to every shot or glass of wine.

Whether you are a chocolate lover or not, a visit to Hotel Chocolat on the Rabot Estate is an absolute must. I participated in the Bean to Bar experience and made my own chocolate bar whilst learning the history of chocolate and the Estate by my wonderful host Merle.

What an amazing hotel. The Boucan is the perfect tranquil place with a superb view. The entire menu includes elements of cocoa and it taste fantastic!

I’ll tell you all about Days 4 – 7 and my time in the North in Rodney Bay and Castries next week. Watch all my social media for all the details!
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