Foundation and liners and creams… oh my!

I’m continuing my three part (for now) series on my favourite (and/or my daughter’s favourites) makeup brands. I’m loving the response and conversations we’re having on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. 

As I’ve been doing these wonderful makeup articles I’ve asked myself the age old question – Why do we wear makeup? Besides the standard ‘It makes me feel pretty’ there are lots of answers. Is it your ‘zen’ time? Or the excitement of feeling glam? Maybe you like the ritual involved with skincare. Perhaps red lipstick makes you feel like a warrior woman who can tackle any problem thrown her way. Or it could be that you like experimenting with all the different versions of yourself that you can bring to light.

I’d say I agree with all of that. But most importantly for me, it’s FUN! So experiment away, look at all the different ways you can enhance your beauty, and let me know what you like best. 

Illamasqua Skin Base

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a foundation that exactly suited my skin shade so they very kindly gave me 2 skin base Foundations SB 15 and SB 17  which when mixed together create the perfect  shade, colour and coverage for me. The mixing is a challenge but the product itself is gorgeous. This is the one foundation I continue to buy. I love the way it feels on my skin, it’s easy to apply and the colour range is great. It gives me a beautiful finish and is buildable. It doesn’t easily transfer.


MAC Studio Fix 

Studio fix, or powdered foundation, seems to be right up my street. I have been advised to use studio fix more as a setting powder, especially for setting my concealer, however I just find I get really good coverage with it. One thing I will say about powder foundation is you’ve got to take it off at night – there really is no option.  Sometimes when you’re just too tired to take your make up off at night, find the energy and do it.  I personally find that leaving foundation on, especially this specific studio fix enlarges my pores.  MAC’s NW45 powder is great, but I’m also trying their NW45 liquid as well.

The Raisin blush powder is simply the best.



Estee Lauder Creme De La Mer

This 60 mil/2 oz pot of moisturising cream was given to me by a colleague who worked for Estee Lauder. Retailing at £215 you can understand why I use this extremely sparingly… But it is a lovely product.


Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit are always very generous with their samples. You make a purchase and there is always a little “something extra” that they put in your bag. Waterproof eye make up remover isn’t one that I’ve used that much as I don’t where eye make up that much but my daughters sing the praises of this product.   Benefit Gimme Brow is once again not one that I use but I have been assured by both my girls that it’s a must!


Maybelline Matte Eyeliner

Eyeliner can – and does –  completely change the shape and size of your eyes. I wasn’t a  fan of eyeliner – do you get the impression that I didn’t really wear that much make up before? Morggan was experimenting on my eyes one morning, she drew a thin line on one eyelid and a thicker line on the other.  I got it!   On this occasion I took her Maybelline Matte liner and put it in my make up bag and then purchased the Satin look as well.  Whether a thin line right across the base of your lid, whether a line that gets a little thicker as it moves out towards the outer eye, or even if you go for a wing can I suggest purchasing some liquid eyeliner ?



Are you an eye person who loves experimenting with different shadows and liners? Or are you a base person, someone who loves their primers and moisturisers? Brow people, tell me why you love your arches. And lipstick ladies, what’s the one shade of lippie that makes you feel like a million pounds (or dollars!)? 

Hit me up in the comments below or you can join the discussion on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #WhyIWearMakeup and let’s talk about it!