Gabourey Sidibe gets passionate on Empire

Empire fans raise a ruckus!
Entertainment is always at the top of my list and Empire as an entertaining drama ticks so many boxes.
Lee Daniels and Danny Strong made us gasp for breath in ‘that dustbin scene” during SeasonUntitled 1 and there were also the brutally open thoughts about homophobia amongst African Americans. Now, amongst other scenes and statements in Empire that have us talking and tweeting, Gabourey Sidibe and her inspired hashtag “MyFatSexStory” was trending on Twitter – and still is.  The opening love scene of last week’s episode that aired last Wednesday in the States, is due to air soon in the UK on E4.
So characters Becky and J Poppa are in a physical relationship and from the moment Becky wrapped her leg around J Poppa fat phobia reared its ugly head.  What I loved is that no one on the show acted surprised that Becky — a fat black woman — was getting it on with a fit, successful rapper. The show treated Becky’s sexual interaction as something normal (because it is), so the backlash was totally about society’s discomfort and fat phobia.
You can see in the picture above EXACTLY how actress Gabourey Sidibe dealt with the backlash of the situation.
During the episode, Gaboury tweeted, “I’ve always enjoyed a nicely lit rooftop,” and added the hashtag #GettinThatBECKY. The next day, she blogged about the episode for Entertainment Weekly. In the post, she discussed the sex scene and referred to herself as “Fine Ass Becky,” just as she tends to do for all of her episode recaps. But what she did at the end of the post was something different. She addressed the backlash. Untitled design