Hay House “I Can Do It!”

This month saw the exhilarating return of the Hay House “I Can Do It!” conference in London, bringing together an exciting array of speakers from across the personal development spectrum.

The weekend retreat was created by the mother of self-development Louise Hay, author of classic books such as You Can Heal Your Life, whose publishing company Hay House has been responsible for some of the leading self-help books by a multitude of celebrated authors.

First held in the UK in 2009, the conference is a chance for hundreds of like-minded people to come together to be inspired and learn from a stellar line up of prominent speakers.

Hay House author Robert Holden kicked off proceedings with a moving tribute to the much-loved Dr Wayne Dyer, after the seminal author’s unexpected death the week prior to the event.

He went on to deliver an animated talk entitled Life Loves You, named after Louise Hay’s signature affirmation, and also the title of his book, co-written with Louise herself. He shared candid personal experiences of working with the iconic author, and revealed that the book is “the fruit of a dialogue” between the pair. He said that “life isn’t judging us, testing us or against us” and invited us to consider how we would feel on a daily basis if we truly believed that life loved us.

Next up was Eric Pearl, founder of the therapeutic modality Reconnective Healing, who flew over from the US to appear at the conference for the first time. Then Mike Dooley, who starred in the popular documentary The Secret, gave a fascinating afterlife perspective with a compelling talk entitled “The Top Ten Things Dead People Want To Tell You.”

The afternoon saw Mexican healer Sergio Magaña leading us through a dynamic meditation to regenerate the body and mind, with Graham Hancock delivering a fascinating presentation on how psychedelic substances have been used by various ancient civilizations for centuries, as a gateway to the unconscious mind.

The day ended on an absolute high as ascension expert Diana Cooper led the crowd through a rousing exercise in activating the 12 chakras, with the help of the ten Archangels.

The next morning saw the highlight for many at the event: a charismatic appearance by women’s wellness pioneer Dr Christiane Northrup, who was speaking in the UK for the first time in ten years. Author of Goddesses Never Age, Dr Northrup said that “beliefs are more powerful than genes” and that you should never think about your age unless you’re doing an astrological reading.

Meggan Watterson and Lodro Rinzler then gave a joint workshop on how to live and love more authentically and intensely, sharing frank personal experiences on the topic of relationships and dating.

This was followed by a lively session with past lives expert Denise Linn, who gave a gripping account of her own near-death experience, before leading us through a guided process to access previous lifetimes.

After lunch, British author Sandy C. Newbigging spoke about his brand new meditation technique Body Calm, leading us all through his innovative method to heal the mind and body.

The event was closed by transformational spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette, author of 19 international best selling books, who shared her unique wisdom on the topic of forgiveness, the pathway to genuine freedom and personal peace. The talk marked a powerful end to a weekend of incredible teaching, which not only provided some highly enlightening knowledge, but also raised the vibration of everyone in the room. There was also the chance to meet many of the authors at the book signings during the breaks, as well as the opportunity to write a message of appreciation in a book dedicated to Dr Wayne Dyer’s memory.

Dr Dyer was actually due in the capital next month to deliver a Hay House evening talk of his own, and the publishing company have now announced that the event will go ahead as planned. Taking place on 1st October, it will be a celebration of his extraordinary life and legacy, featuring some of the visionary’s friends and fellow authors, including Anita Moorjani, and we at Feeling Fab are very much looking forward to being there.

Keep an eye on the Hay House website for their forthcoming workshops and events, including next year’s I Can Do It!