How to Spoil Your Man

…try a Gift with a Difference?

Finding a perfect gift for a man you care about can be a complicated endeavor. Women are more often satisfied with go-to gifts, while those hard-to-shop-for guys always demand something unusual and creative.

So, how about you put a twist on the regular gift candidates and wander into unknown territory? Here are some ideas for items that will blow him away.

Dressed to the nines

It is not every day that you want to go on a shopping spree for hours, especially not if you are a male. Fortunately, on websites, like Kent and Lime, you can receive pro advice from a style advisor and have the clothing delivered to you. So, buy a voucher and help your man come into fashion on his own terms. And if you want to give a special touch, do it with a striking Survival Bracelet. This accessory is actually a stylish survival kit made from a parachute cord.

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Furthermore, how about another piece of equipment, which keeps him dry without occupying a single hand? Yes, it is possible: Nubrella Hands-Free Umbrella rests above the head and torso, and gives men a chance to make calls, hold briefcases, and perform other actions even while it is raining cats and dogs outside. This unusual present will certainly turn some heads, apart from preserving the warmth of the one you care the most about.

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Head up high

If that is not his cup of tea, check out the Beardski Ski Mask, which is basically all that a man is. It is a perfect present for those who are into winter sports. Also, a man who wants to grow a powerful beard, but cannot seem to, will find this mask to be a blessing. In any regard, this is one of the coolest ways to stay warm in the dead of the winter. And you do not have to worry about the size because the adjustable attachment flaps are one-size-fits-all.


Now, men may not appreciate décor as much as we do, but a unique, innovative piece is a surefire way of turning this around. Cardboard Animal Heads are just what you need: Politically correct versions of famous hunter’s trophies. They serve as a nice addition to any living environment, and may also give you an opportunity to start the much-needed makeover of the partner’s abode.


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We could be heroes

With the superhero craze reaching new heights in recent years, presents related to popular franchises have never been more popular. A personalized action figure stands out from the rest of the picturesque merchandise. Namely, you can obtain a figure which looks just like your (super) man. Thus, apart from figuring out his favorite superhero, you only need to send a headshot in order to get this amazing gift.


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Finally, remember that all boys love the hell out of their gadgets. Technology is usually a safe bet, even more so if it acts as an entertainment centerpiece. Portable speakers are ideal for people who want to carry upbeat tunes with them, but do not want to risk getting their precious smartphones wet. Well, JBL Clip 2 is tailored to rocking out on beach trips and pool parties. It allows you to have fun on the go, and let good vibrations enrich your days out.


Make a difference

Find special gifts that resonate with men and span a wide array of interests. Do away with the stress of shopping for a significant other and try to get creative. Enjoy the prime convenience of shopping online if you want to avoid the regular hassle. In any event, a one-of-the-kind, well-thought gift brings joy and happiness for months to come and shows your ability to delight the partner. You can try out these gift ideas for special occasions, holidays or “just because”.


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