Let’s Brunch

My bookings for speaking engagements are increasing which is great, and even though I communicate for a living on a daily basis, it’s in an empty room!

Standing in front of a crowd feels a little weird, but once I focus on my message and why I have been asked to speak, I can feel the nerves melt away; it’s as if there’s a little angel on my shoulder who whispers in my ear that everything will be ok!

So let me say in a word “Let’s Brunch” was Fabulous.

The message I was asked to speak about was “Finding Balance” and I was amazed at how many of us don’t have the balance we truly want in our lives. Perhaps now that the weather is getting better we’ll spend more time on ourselves and families and create more balance in life. Thanks to Toks Aruoture for requesting me to be the KeyNote speaker for the event. I am definitely looking forward the next one.

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