MAC Make-Up Session at Fenwick, New Bond Street

The make-up industry is currently at a height that was probably not anticipated some years ago. However with the rise of social media and the new colour ranges available the industry is soaring.

As a woman with dark skin, the choices of make-up available (especially foundation) used to be very slim. But the UK industry is now recognising that they need to be all-inclusive and represent a variety of skin tones. MAC Cosmetics are one of the industry leaders has 40 shades in their Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 range, so on Sunday 27th November I treated myself to a full make-up session focusing achieving a finish that could be applied daily.

The lovely Natasha who was my make-up artist at the MAC concession stand applied the following products:

  1. Oil Control for the areas of my face that shine, predominantly the T-zone.
  2. Followed by Mineralised Charge Water for the more dry areas to balance out the oily to dry
  3. Then followed Time Check Lotion which acts as an all primer. These three products were applied and then left to “set” as applying foundation at this point – liquid or powder – it would have mixed with the 3 products and the foundation wouldn’t have spread easily.
  4. So next were the eyebrows which were drawn on with very light feathery strokes using Dip Down Pro Longwear Fluidline, stays on longer and gives a sharper look than powder but slightly softer than pencil
  5. Highlighting – and this is where I used to get a little confused but as Natasha beautifully explained highlight the bone under the eyebrow – easy target. The shade used was NW35 which I initially thought was a little light for my skintone, but once the other eyeshadows were blended in I could see the highlighting effect.
  6. A little eyeshadow primer using Quite Natural and then  and then the smokey eye crafting started by mixing Antiqued and a little Carbon – just a little as this can be darkened at a later stage – Natasha applied the colours to the crease, outside corner and across the lid. Blending is the key as you need to keep the colours even to achieve the smokey look at the end. This effect definitely required the right brushes!
  7. Once the eyes had the desired effect the false eyelashes were applied followed by eyeliner on the upper lid followed by concealer. Under eyes, around the corners of the nose and even the chin – found this strange. The  foundation used was NW 45 liquid foundation, I normally use studio fix powder as I have oily skin and didn’t want to add to the shine, but this is where oil control comes in.
  8. Contouring which I love doing, was a surprise as Natasha used Raisin powder blush but it did create the right effect, under the cheek bone and around the hair line sides. Highlighting straight down the nose and over the top of the cheek bone so when the light hits your face these areas catch it first.
  9. Lips – my favourite area as I’m realising women are paying money to create lips my size – outlined with Currant lip pencil and filled with a matte lipstick that resembled Spite lip glass.

All in all I enjoyed my experience BUT I have realised one thing and this needs to be rectified…. make up features need to be enhanced and complimented by video.