Mums And Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness week this week and last week was Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week and it really got me thinking about parents and Mental Health. We all know about Post Natal/Post Partum Depression and what happens right after you have a baby. But what about a Mum’s (or Dad’s) mental health after her children are older or even grown?

Parental mental health issues never really go away. Your babies will ALWAYS be your babies and there are so many transitions as your child gets older and as WE get older. It’s a lifelong rollercoaster of emotions. How do your raise responsible adults, teaching them all the things they need to become independent? Have I guided my children and given them the right tools to navigate the world? And if I’m helping my children all the time… am I REALLY helping them or keeping them from learning life lessons?

Hit me up with a comment below and head over to my socials to join the discussion – how has your mental health changed in transition with your children growing up?