Natural Hair

The natural hair phase amongst black women has really caught on since Viola Davis turned up at the Golden Globes back in 2012 minus her wig – and she looked FABULOUS.  

Natural Hair minus chemicals is so much more healthy and definitely the way forward and I’m so glad under my numerous wigs I have natural healthy hair.  The options are numerous; you can flat iron your natural hair, use a hair doughnut, clip on a ponytail, clip on a bang fringe, cornrow your air and change your wigs daily using different lengths, colour and styles.  I just love the choices that I have. 

Au Naturale

I’ve also encouraged my girls not to put chemicals in their hair. They can wear braids, they can wear weaves, or if they want the straight look they can use straighteners. I’m so glad that they have understood and embraced that freedom. 

Even though, as black women, we have been held to a different standard. I wrote an article a while back about Natural Hair… and how stereotypes can make it difficult for women of colour. 

It made me really sad when Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix posted on Twitter, and I shared the post on Facebook, that her niece felt “un-pretty” because of her Afro Hair. 


Do you embrace your natural hair?  If not, why not?  Enjoy the changes and versatility that you have.  I’d love to talk about this with you! Hit me up on Facebook  Twitter and Instagram.

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