PRINCE – His Hair and His Hairdresser

There’s no need for me to tell you – again – how I feel about Prince.  So meeting his hairdresser of 29 years, Kim Berry, extended that feeling of love. 

I had a 15 minute interview scheduled with Kim on Tuesday evening at 6pm.  Let’s just say that at 9.30pm we were still talking, sharing a glass of rose and Kim’s memories… and I think she realised that I have a thing for Prince Rogers Nelson. 

To go through ALL of the hair styles and magazine covers she worked on would take years and there were times I had to stop my recording device because Kim got very emotional, but here’s a few styles we did talk about.  We also talked wigs and hair, weaves, going natural, relaxers, and her upcoming hair care system and book.  She was amazing.


What look of Prince do you like the most? Personally, I love them ALL… but the Afro does me in every single time. <swoon> Let’s talk about it on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.