Project YOU!


The most important project you’ll ever work on is YOU.

This is important to remember as you go about discovering your purpose, cultivating passion and success in life.

In fact, I will go as far as saying that this IS our purpose on a fundamental level.

We live in a world where most people care more about (or at least they pretend they do) what you do as a job or profession than they do about who you are as a person.

Many of us can be quick to label people and pigeonhole them, and no more did I use to notice this when people would ask “What do you do?”

But purpose is bigger than any job or professional title.  Sure, it can serve as a useful shortcut in some conversations to say “I am X” but regardless of the label used, none quite feel right.

Many of the people I’ve met and spoken to about the idea of purpose, say they feel the same way too.

There was always this feeling of pressure to deliver a response that was either impressive or that provoked something within the other person to take an interest in us.

I never used to know why, but after much introspection, I’ve come to believe it’s because there’s a side of me that wanted people to take an interest in me.

Whenever we try to pigeonhole ourselves into a title, especially a socially acceptable one, it can feel like you’ve degraded yourself just for a piece of someone else’s approval. I know a lot of people sport their title as if it’s a badge of honour, and that’s cool, no problem, but it’s not to me.

Take more of an interest in who you are,  who you’re being and becoming as a person and how you’re living your life and take the same interest in others.

Talk about goals, aspirations, visions, desires, as well as overcoming struggles, conflicts, and challenges in life and invite others to do the same.

View your life as your profession, career, and purpose because the truth it, it is.

It’s a work that is always in a state of continual evolution and progress and I recommend that you see it that way if you already don’t.

Actively live your life to make it better.

How you lead your whole life is should be your primary concern.

If you’re currently struggling to uncover your passion, there aren’t many things I can think of to be more passionate about – life itself.

Life purpose is a project and at the heart of that project is you.

Every aspect of my life, from my health, relationships, finances, creativity, contribution, self-development gets my careful consideration and investment.  It’s hard work, but I love it.

I find it very fulfilling going to work on my life. I can’t think of many other fulfilling things I’d rather do on a day to day basis. I love figuring out a life problem, coming up with solutions and testing them with the aim of making my life holistically enjoyable.

This is actually hard work and in my opinion, why many people struggle to commit to it. I think life is the hardest “profession” out there to master.

So if your purpose has not made itself clear to you at this point, don’t worry about it.  Make the working on your life your purpose until you get more clarity.  You will probably find that your purpose will find you in the process.

Make your life your work of art.

Work tirelessly at it and consider yourself something akin to  a “Lifestyle Artist” because, in truth, we all are.

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