Save Wild Tigers Charity


Friday 9th October 2015 and The Savoy in London came to life in aid of Save Wild Tigers Charity.  A truly amazing affair which was educational as well as spiritual.

The evening’s entertainment started with Bazil Meade and the London Community Gospel Choir singing three songs which included their rendition of Katy Perry’s “Roar” in keeping with the tiger theme.

Simon Clinton, Charity Founder, then gave an extremely informative and detailed speech about wild tigers being slaughtered for their skins to make rugs, coats and even tiger wine. Tigers on display in the zoo take on a completely different meaning to wild tigers and wild life in general, which is diminishing year on year. Natural life as we know it has almost becoming a thing of the past.

I’m sure when we were younger, we read stories of tigers, (or even enjoyed eating Frosties!) perhaps we’ve read tiger stories to our own little ones, so when Simon Clinton gave his speech about the rate of how wildlife is diminishing, it made you think.  A chilling 5 minute film was shown detailing that by 2024 wildlife as we know it will be no more; and it is predicted that of the 3,000 wild tigers left in the world there will probably be less than 10. Funds raised on the evening were in excess of £75,000 which went down a storm.

LCGC returned to the stage to sing “Put A Little Love in Your Heart” and “Oh Happy Day”, they brought the house down. I’ve never – and I mean never – seen people get on the dance floor to dance to gospel, it needed to be seen to be believed. The evening’s entertainment was rounded off by UK soul diva Beverley Knight who had left her Memphis show in the West End to perform. Her voice held out and she belted “Shoulda, Coulda Would”, “Take A Little Piece of My Heart” and “I’m Every Woman.”  Once again the dance floor filled and the room was alive with energy.

It was definitely a truly fabulous night x

Beverley Knight joins the cast of Cats on October 23rd

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