Introducing Theresa Fowler, healthy eating

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Theresa-FowlerTheresa Fowler is Feeling Fab’s healthy eating expert. Angie spoke to her about her book ‘Feeling Like Sh*t? How to stop being Fat‘.

Now I make no excuses for relaying the title because I honestly think we’ve all felt like that at some point, whether it about our weight, hair, appearance, and so on.  The main issue Theresa looks at is weight and why we can’t keep it off.

Here we go again, you sigh. Slimming World, The Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life, Weight Watchers; you’ve heard it all before.  They all have a great message of health and happiness and there’s no doubt that if you stick to the plans you’ll lose weight. The key, however, is to shed the pounds and keep them shed in a healthy way.

Feel Like Sh*t puts hidden sugars in the spotlight because foods we eat every day have sugar hidden within them, leaving us unaware.  These sugars raise our energy levels rapidly but bring us back down just as fast which contributes to how we feel.

Theresa has some intriguing nuggets of information plus before and after shots which will make you think about your food intake. I’ll certainly be watching my family’s sugar consumption a little more closely from now on.