Why regular spa breaks should be scheduled in your diary

A regular spa break should be scheduled in your diary on a regular basis says Angie Greaves after a visit to the Melia Tortuga resort’s Yhi Spa in Cape Verde.


It would be of benefit to include a regular spa break in our lives in the same way that we plan our social diaries or after school activities for our children. With stress levels rising on a daily basis, both the word and the action is taking up a regular space in our schedules.

Having returned from Cape Verde where I visited the Melia Tortuga resort’s Yhi Spa, I’ve realised that a regular spa break should be scheduled in the diary on a regular basis – even if once a quarter. It’s time to show stress the door because it is the silent visitor that aggravates lives.

It felt only natural to attend a Yhi Spa session whilst away: there was natural daily vitamin d, fresh fruit and veg in massive supply, so a good massage was all that was missing.

The Yhi Spa is located on the lower ground floor of the Melia Tortuga and as you head down the stairs, you’re greeted to the sound of running water. The shower settings give you the option of having water trickle on you resembling rain drops or you could have a power shower with the feel of the Atlantic Ocean

The mystery of walking through a foot spa with stones exfoliating the soles of your feet whilst water shoots from either side of the walls gives your feet a refreshing feeling. Next stop was the massage room: face down on the massage bed, the process begins from the calves up. And to be totally honest with you, that’s the last thing I remember.

I was woken up an hour after entering the venue, my body feeling like every joint was held together by an elastic band and they had all been removed.

Both my girls had a treatment and a neck and shoulder massage, including Kammie, my youngest, and I couldn’t believe how swiftly and automatically she fell asleep.

Stress really needs to be reduced and eventually removed. It serves no purpose. My break at the Melia Tortuga whilst filled with sun, sea and sand also highlighted through the spa day that relaxation is an appointment that should be regularly confirmed.