Wimbledon and the World Cup – sports bringing us together

There’s this game being played with a number of teams in Russia that involve grown men kicking a ball and it’s causing global mayhem, social and community mayhem, and TV mayhem… even I’ve got involved in the football, it’s hard not to.  Beating Sweden 2 – 0 on Saturday has given the country hopes that we can win our first world cup since 1966!  Now that would be FABULOUS.

There’s one thing that can unite a country almost immediately… SPORTS!  With Wimbledon running concurrently to the World Cup, us Brits are beyond blessed with some serious fan favourites to cheer for!

It’s #WorldPopulationDay on July 11th and nothing unites people quite like sporting events. Whether you like to watch in person, paint yourself in your team colours, watch from a pub with your mates, or enjoy them peacefully at home… we can feel a “part of” something bigger than ourselves.

Even though there was a bit of a tussle over the dates (World Cup and Wimbledon finals are on the same DAY!), one thing we can be sure of… we LOVE our sports! 


I’m a tennis girl at heart and am hooked – when I can get to the TV!  The World Cup in one room, the girls are watching Love Island in another room, so I’ve resorted to Tennis on my phone and my laptop. 

My vote is on Serena taking the Wimbledon Ladies’ crown (after Venus was knocked out), Simona Halep who I thought would give Serena a hard time lost out on Saturday to Hsieh Su-Wei, so it will hopefully be plain sailing for Mrs Ohanian. 

The Men’s crown looks like it ready to place itself securely on the head of Roger Federer, but I’m still believing that Rafael Nadal will be this year’s King. 

Sad that Andy Murray dropped out because of an injury…

After lengthy discussions with his team it was decided that “playing best of five set matches might be a bit too soon in the recovery process”. Murray had surgery on his hip in January and had warned he could still withdraw from Wimbledon, having only returned to competition only two weeks ago.

And MY personal favourite Serena is BACK!!!

She missed last year’s tournament while pregnant with daughter Alexis Olympia but proved she had lost none of her old warrior skills as she overcame gusting winds and a tumble on Court One’s manicured lawn to outclass tricky opponent Arantxa Rus 7-5 6-3 in the first round.

She told Reuters: 

“I have such high expectations of myself. I don’t go out there expecting to do well, see what happens. That’s just not me. Not only do I expect to win, I expect to win emphatically.”


All I have to say about this is described perfectly in the videos below…

Do you love sports? What’s your favourite? Have you been watching along at home or going to the pub to join the celebrations? Do you like seeing them in person? I must say I will never turn down a seat to watch tennis! I’d love to hear your favourite sports stories on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.