Out of the mouth of babes: Zianna Oliphant

The police shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina touched off another series of protests and subsequent militarized police response. To address the ongoing conflict, the Charlotte City Council held a meeting on Monday night. That’s when a very courageous young lady named Zenni Oliphant came up to the microphone.


Out of the mouth of babes! Did you watch this amazing young girl? Inspirational or what?

She wore a T-shirt decorated with a rainbow-coloured skull-and-crossbones, with hearts floating from it.

A young boy helped her lower the microphone.

“We are black people and we shouldn’t have to feel like this,” Zianna said, sobbing.

“We shouldn’t have to protest because y’all are treating us wrong. We do this because we need to and have rights.”


The council chambers erupted in applause and calls of “no justice, no peace” as Oliphant stepped down from the lectern.14457340_10157370924715161_6301641438064004300_n

I can’t imagine the pain and emotional turmoil these people are experiencing, and Zianna Oliphant spoke up to express how the children are feeling “We need our fathers and mothers” she said. I’m so pleased she had the courage to stand before the Charlotte City Council and expressed her views.

She touched the world in seconds expressing a problem that has been in existence for decades. BLESS YOU Zianna Oliphant