5 Areas Where People Go Wrong In Starting A Business

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Michael Jacobsen is Feeling Fab’s Business Advisor. If you’re working full time, or earn your money without using your creativity, there may come a time when you want to start a project or business that allows you to “feed” your soul and in turn feed others. Perhaps you’ve already thought about going down this road.

This is one of Michael’s most powerful podcasts. He speaks candidly about where people go wrong in business and why start-up businesses suffer.

Michael’s 5 reason are:
1) Lack of Clarity
2) Money Obsession
3) Physical and Mental Energy
4) Seeking Customers
5) Limited Skill Belief

If you are in the process of starting a business this podcast is a MUST.

Michael has tutored and coached many entrepreneurs, gently guiding them from being employees to business owners. There are many beliefs which may block you from progressing when starting a business, and when we are on the outside looking in, it may even appear to be a frightening concept.

This podcast WILL help you, I have no doubt about that. Michael completely opened my own eyes and gave me an insight which I believe, will help with the growth and development of Feeling Fab!!

Take a listen and be inspired.

Michael JacobsenMichael is an entrepreneur, producer and author of The Business of Creativity. Visit his website and follow him @1jacobsenm.

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