Curb Your Cravings – Sugar Mindset Part 3


In the final part in this series, former sugar addict Theresa Fowler looks at tools you can use to help control your sugar monster.

sugarBy now, you must have realised that sugar, and not fat, is the real problem behind your weight loss woes. Recent news headlines have confirmed this. So why isn’t this toxic monstrosity outlawed? Well, when you begin to realise that food manufacturers are more focused on their shareholders than your health, then you begin to understand that peddling poison is about profit.

You also know that sugar has an affect on your mood, but if you are determined to release the negative habits of sugar indulgence followed by guilt and bad feelings, then you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat to positively impact both your emotional and physical well-being for good.

What To Do

It may sound drastic, but have a go at cutting out sugar for four to five days. Start during the weekend when you’re more relaxed. This will also give you time to prepare your meals for the next few days so that you can pack lunches for work, for example. There are many resources online for sugar-free recipes. Have a look to see what takes your fancy.

Take notes in a journal about how you feel each morning on waking, at certain points throughout the day and at night to record your progress. Write any details on what feels good about being sugar-free. The more you focus on the positive aspects of this process, the more you’ll see the benefits. More than likely, after a couple of days, you will experience withdrawal symptoms (just like any other addict), which can include headaches, cramps, depression and mood swings. You should also get rid of any sugary substances out of your cupboards/fridge. If they’re not there, then you won’t be tempted to end your detox.

sandwichIf you’re going to eat grains, stick to healthier options such as brown/wild rice, sweet potatoes, oats and quinoa. Avoid white bread, pasta and potatoes, which are starchy carbs that quickly turn into sugar in the bloodstream. Eat a minimal amount of fruit (1-2 servings and no high sugar fruits such as banana, pineapple or mango) and up your green vegetable intake. Also, although it will be tempting, stay away from honey, molasses, agave and brown rice/date syrup. Yes, they are natural, but are also high sugars. And the stevia now available in supermarkets contains hidden and artificial sugars, which are also detrimental (not to mention the carcinogenic chemicals used to extract the rebaudioside compounds derived from the stevia plant). In addition, fruit juice is a definite no-no.

avocadoForget everything you’ve heard about how saturated fat is bad for you and up your good fat intake with grass-fed butter (such as Kerrygold), avocados, nuts and extra virgin coconut oil, which in itself kills sugar cravings, boosts your metabolism and helps break down cholesterol. This is because coconut oil is nature’s richest source of medium-chain triglycerides, which although saturated, help the body break down fat — especially dreaded tummy fat. Higher Nature’s Organic Virgin Coconut Butter (£15.90) tastes great and can be used for all forms of cooking and baking. I even eat it straight from the spoon.

Go for a walk. Exercise releases endorphins in the body, which help to regulate your mood. If you’re experiencing headaches or nausea, then a simple 20-minute walk where you focus on your breathing will help to boost your energy and eliminate your symptoms through increased oxygenation to the body.

And make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water to help curb cravings, flush toxins and keep yourself hydrated. By starting your day with a mug of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon, you will also help to flush out any toxins that have accumulated in your bloodstream while sleeping. Alternatively, have a go at drinking diluted organic apple cider vinegar (containing ‘the mother’), which is full of good digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria for your gut. It also lowers blood sugar and can increase feelings of fullness. Higher Nature’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurised and can also be used in salad dressings. It has a refreshing, zingy taste and has become my favourite go-to if I ever have cake or chocolate (I’m only human and it does happen sometimes!) to help balance my blood sugar levels.

So, are you ready to have a go and give up sugar for five days? Remember, you are the one in charge of your and your family’s health.

Theresa Fowler is the UK’s Only No Diet, No Calorie Counting Real Food Expert, author of Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop Being Fat and founder of Having lost 100lbs herself, she coaches women 40+ who have a history of yo-yo dieting to lose weight, feel better and look younger, all without counting calories.

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