50 Cent at the 02 Arena, London

You can find me in the club…

Wow….. Curtis James Jackson III, aka Kanan from Power walked out onto the stage at the O2 last Thursday and I can’t explain what happened, I can’t find the adjective, all I know is that his stage presence just blew me to pieces.

The audience ranged from teenagers to 60 year olds (I kid you not), and every culture and colour filled the auditorium. After a warm-up set from DJ Chubby Chub who played a fantastic 90s hip-hop set, 50 Cent put on a show with G-Unit, massive screens, dry ice, smoke machines and he was spitting lyrics (some weren’t my taste I must admit) but his stage presence was FAB-U-LOUS.

Can I say it…talk about sex on legs, as I said earlier Vivica I get you!!! To the Power fans, he dropped it well and sang the theme and the rest, as they say, was history!

Having spent some time with Lethal Bizzle it was amazing to see him perform and he was the perfect support act. Lethal prepared that auditorium for 50 Cent with a bit of  “mosh pit madness” (which makes me laugh) and Pow…. it was over. I was really apprehensive about going to see Lethal and 50 Cent, I won’t lie, but I came out of that auditorium on air. If you were there you will know exactly where I’m coming from, it was a fabulous evening………FABULOUS.