8 Tips For Affordable Travel


The London weather this week has been FABULOUS so far, but the need to travel remains. This week guest blogger shares ‘8 Tips For Traveling Cheaply and Saving Money’

Being a frequent traveler, I know the biggest hurdle travelers come across is traveling under a budget, no matter how much you plan and calculate you end up spending more than the estimated budget. Well, here are my top eight money saving tips for novice travelers planning an overseas trip.

1. According to my observation dinners are the most expensive meals of the day, since it’s the last meal before you go to the bed its usually expensive. I will recommend that you have the main meal of the day during lunch time because you will get lots of food for less money. For dinner you can opt for a light snack or street food.

2. When it comes to accommodation I find apartments the best in terms of comfort and money, plus you get your own kitchen so you can cook your meals yourself this helps in cutting the food costs.

3. When you are traveling through one airline use your collected miles for getting a free ticket, if you are running low on miles then buy some from online websites who sell air miles.

4. Trust me unless you don’t have a local SIM card don’t turn on the data roaming you will burn money in just uploading a selfie or checking a few messages, instead check with your hotel if they offer free Wi-Fi or go to a coffee shop and enjoy their free Wi-Fi.

5. If you are staying at a tropical resort then one thing is for sure that you will be getting the best accommodation facilities, but the drinks and food prices will be more than normal.
6. If you are buying travel insurance policy for each of your trip, then you are doing it the wrong way, the best way to get a travel insurance policy is by getting it for the whole year this way you save a lot of money even if you travel only twice in a year.

7. If you are staying in a hotel and the food service is pretty expensive, here is a cool hack for you, go to the local grocery store, buy the supplies and head for the nearest picnic point or parks they have iron grills fixed there do your cooking and enjoy an open air meal.

8. Drink tap waterit’s free and mostly safe in foreign countries (except in Egypt), mineral water comes with a price tag and can cost a few hundred dollars if you keep on purchasing it.

With all these super cool saving tips I’m sure you will save a lot of money, just make sure that you use your free miles to purchase a ticket, there are many companies who sell air miles if you are low on miles.

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