Angie Greaves: my 25×2 birthday party

Angie Greaves and husband

I celebrated my birthday with a big (BIG!) party on Sunday, and whilst I still firmly believe 50 is the new 40, I loved it when the High Commissioner of Barbados said at the event the proper age is 25 x 2.

25 X 2 and I love it, I also love being the new 40.

I really wasn’t sure what to do about the celebrations but I knew I was going to do something because I didn’t do a thing for my 40th. There were options on venues, guest lists, entertainers, culinary delights, you name it. Then I got to thinking, I love my job – if you haven’t realised – but I also love the people who have journeyed with me to get to this point.

So the selection of photos you see below will include school friends some of whom I’ve known since age 7, school teachers from high school, work colleagues, the Barbados High Commissioner, some members of the Feeling Fab team together with the owners and staff at Mango Tree who made the event possible.

And come thank yous

I really would like to thank the Mango Tree restaurant and their staff. The event was 100%.

And Feeling Fab Technical Co-Ordinator and Cameraman, Bhavik Haria who is always on hand to capture emotion.

We had a truly FABULOUS evening.

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