Wear less black

This was a mission I started at the beginning of 2012 and now we are approaching the end of the year I’m pleased to say I’ve done quite well.  It was always easy for me to pick out a black top, black bottoms and jazz it up with sparkling jewellery, nothing wrong in black but – I do recall I mentioned – it was affecting my mood.

The summer – what little summer we had – made it quite easy to choose bright colours BUT we are well into swing of winter now and I’m finding that I’m automatically choosing black again – even in the shops, it’s almost like a magnet, it catches my eye and I head straight towards the black or dark coloured garments. 

Last week in the cold weather I wore these orange Marta Jonsson shoes, it felt weird but I just had to lift my mood, and it worked.  I’m going to purchase a purple coat this week, I don’t know what shop it’s in yet, but I’ll find it!! 

Any ideas where I could go to buy it??

Does the weather determine the colours that you wear?  I’d love to know.

Angieзаказ роллов на дом харьков