Angie’s most FAQ

So I get emails and messages. I get LOTS and LOTS of emails and messages on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. And I love them. I adore hearing from you all. 

I’ve found that a good portion of these messages are questions, about me, my show and my profession, sometimes my beauty regime being a woman of a certain age, and when I upload photos of me and my babies I get lots of questions about balancing family and work. I try my very best to answer every one, but I thought it might be a good idea to answer my most frequently asked questions. So here we go…

Angie Greaves


How does changing the time you present your show impact on your children/family life? 

Having worked on Weekend Mellow Magic which crippled my weekend social life, having worked on Drivetime which crippled my evenings, the 2pm to 5pm slot is THE most family friendly show on Radio.  You get a lie in, and you get to be home by 6pm to enjoy family time.

What is the best thing about your job? 

Talking into people’s lives, being a part of their day, and just knowing that you can make them smile.  Sharing your loves and likes and getting a response.  Sharing my passion for UK and US TV and getting feedback just does something to me. (Scandal, Stella, Cold Feet).  Music is still a highlight, but with Spotify etc people can listen to whatever music they like, so it’s important to keep communication going with your listeners 

How does your beauty regime change depending on the time you present your show? 

This is such an amazing area, I didn’t realise just how much presenting Mellow Magic was affecting my skin because I wasn’t getting a full night’s sleep at the weekend.  The same with DriveTime, I used to get home at 9pm and was still buzzing and a glass of rose (or 2) used to assist in knocking me out!  The problem was I would wake up once the wine came out of my system so once again that would break my sleep.  The current slot I present 2pm to 5pm is the most physically friendly slot I’ve ever presented!

How does your diet change? 

It’s not so much about diet on this occasion, but more about the times I eat.  During Mellow at the weekend I would nibble during the show through to midnight.  On Drive I would eat between 7pm and 8pm, and sometimes if the girls waited up for me I wouldn’t eat dinner until 9pm, can you imagine the weight implications? 

Favourite all time song (not a Boyzone song)? 

That question just cannot be answered. My musical tastes are extremely broad.

What do you do for fun? 

Non-physical fun it’s gotta be a good film that gives me a belly laugh.  Physical fun can be anything from trampolining in the garden, to a good power walk with music in my ears with no time scale, just love it.

What advice would you give to people in this field?  

Just enjoy, radio is such a great medium.  For younger lovers of radio or those entering the business, do everything, and grab opportunities before mortgages and children come along.  If you are working for free set a time plan so that you’re not known as the “freebie person” 

What do you do in the advert break?  

Prepare links, record travel, get a cup of tea depending on the length of the ad break!

Do you nap before or after your show?  

Not on this show

What is your funniest joke? 

Goodness, that is to hard to answer 

What is your favourite inspirational quote?  

Too many, but the first one that springs to mind is “Not everyone deserves a front row seat in your life”

So please, keep your questions coming, I will try to answer them as best I can. One question I ALWAYS have the answer to is… “What’s the best part of your job?” and the answer to that would be… YOU! The people I interact with every day – who I love to play music for! Ax