Black History – The Extension of Music


Each generation holds on to historical facts in the same way that we treasure experiences that musical memories give us.

I’ve told this story before but one specific musical memories that will never leave me goes back to when I had my first car, I was driving along the Edgware Road in West London listening to Kiss at the time, it was a pirate station. It was a scorching hot day, and just when the opened the window Roy Ayres and Everybody Loves The Sunshine came on. My immediate reaction was to pull over and savour it because I didn’t know when I was going to hear it on the radio again.

The vibe that came through the car speakers when I least expected it was a completely different vibe to when I chose to play the tune in the comfort of my home. Such is the power of music.

So… here are some of my favourites (in no particular order) that have put a smile on my face over the years, have given me a reason to go back into a dance when I was ready to leave, and have either had me clapping my hands in church or have just touched my soul.

Happy Black History Month, however, you choose to celebrate, just make sure you celebrate.