Angie’s Top Ten Christmas Movie Favourites

I’ve bought myself a new Onesie for Christmas and am looking forward to laying on the sofa throughout the holidays and watching some of my favourite movies – undisturbed.

These are not all Christmas movies, and they’re not even that current, but they all have a thread running through them, they all have meanings and are linked to family in some way – which is nearer to what Christmas is about as oppose to commercialism and spending money you don’t have!

So here we go ….

Number 10 – Miracle on 34th Street

Quite amazing as I nearly ended up believing in Father Christmas and reindeers flying! The remake with the late Richard Attenborough, Mara Wilson, Elizabeth Perkins and Dylon McDermott displays that miracles can happen and Christmas is the best time for those miracles to happen.

Number 9 – Notorious

Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious BIG left Jamaica in the Caribbean when he was a young child and went to live in New York with his mother. Biggie was a story teller, he didn’t sit in a library or a classroom like his mother, he used the mic, the studio and the stage to tell his story. Notorious BIG was a powerful member of the African American community as he was able to speak to and reach members of the public in ways that other “powerful” members couldn’t. Unfortunately jealousy reared its head and cut his life short; but he’ll never be forgotten. He didn’t have movie star looks, he wasn’t the stereotypical media eye candy, but he became a star and his star continues to shine even though he isn’t physically on earth. As a result of the film ‘Notorious’ I’m pretty sure that ‘Straight Outta Compton’ will be on my top ten next year.

Number 8 – Elf

I went to see the theatre production and up until then I will admit I was truly “bah humbug” and wanted nothing to do with Christmas. Elf the Musical turned my thoughts around and I started to embrace the tradition of family being together at Christmas.

Number 7 – Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Poor Roscoe Jenkins, he just wants to be accepted by his family for his achievements in the media. Haunted by childhood memories of defeat and being misunderstood, he flees life in the South to become a media personality in the Big Apple. It’s only on returning home that he realises all his achievements are great, but the overall achievement is being at one with family and being embraced in their love. This is clearly displayed at his parents’ 50th  wedding anniversary celebrations.

Number 6 – The Prince of Tides

Where do I start … Barbra Streisand directs and stars in this epic film alongside Nick Nolte (Tom Wingo) who realises how essential it is for him to become his sister’s memory in order to heal her of childhood pain and prevent her from attempting to commit suicide – again! Through months of therapy with Barbra Streisand (Susan Lowenstein), the main character not only unlocks his sister’s memory but frees himself as well. Powerful film with a capital “P”. A tear jerker and an awesome love story.

Number 5 – The Perfect Holiday

I do like a good belly laugh and I get this with the cast of this film; Charlie Murphy (Eddie’s brother), Katt Williams, Faizon Love, Queen Latifah, Gabrielle Union, and Morris Chestnut amongst others. Family love at Christmas and the ironing out of issues that can arise with step-families. Lovely film. Funny Too.

Number 4 – Hairspray

Slight racial tension in this film but love conquers all. A good sing-a-long that’s a remake of the Ricki Lake original (unfortunately without The Madison, but no one does The Madison quite like Ricki). John Travolta turns out an amazing Edna Turnblad, and with SeaWeed, Tracey Turnblad, Link Larkin, Corny Collins and MotorMouth Maybelle you “can’t stop the beat” and will definitely feel fabulous after you’ve watched this film.

Number 3 – Home Alone

Kevin McCallister is a rogue child, he’s just one of those kids who would laugh at the naughty step!! So the night before the family fly off for a Christmas break he’s sent to the top floor of the family home to cool off after a temper tantrum. The following morning the family take off for their holiday and mum realises that she’s left her son at Home Alone. Whilst she’s frantically trying to get home, Kevin is in full control fighting off some local burglars and the burglars don’t win! The family cut their break short and come to be with Kevin – as annoying as he is, but as a family having left him alone they no longer see his faults.

Number 2 – Madea’s Big Happy Family

Tyler Perry used to worry me when he dressed up in a dress as pistol packing hard talking Mabel Simmons, but I just love him/her. Madea says it as it is, but if there’s one thing you can’t mistake it’s her love for family and her quest for no nonsense. No problem is too big, no issue is unable to be fixed. Amidst prison sentences, DNA tests, sickness, baby mamas and broken marriages, Madea is the one family member that has the emotional glue to stick everything back together, wipe the slate clean and move forward in love.

Number 1 – The Best Man Holiday

Morris Chestnut plays the multimillionaire American football player, Lance Armstrong. He has it all, the beautiful house, beautiful wife, beautiful well educated children, and beautiful friends and long lasting friendships around him. So what’s the problem? Lance realises that all the money in the world cannot buy health and a Christmas gathering takes place in order for a cast member of this film to say “goodbye”. Touching, tear jerking, but displaying 100% love.

So I didn’t include The Grinch, White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, Bad Santa or Jingle All The Way, but the above films all portray the message of family, love, togetherness and forgiveness.

Merry Christmas, Angie.