Star Wars Mania Has Arrived!

Star Wars: Crazy good or just plain crazy?

Star Wars Mania has arrived! Actually it’s been building up for months with marketers losing their ever loving minds. Putting forward Star Wars related products that quite possibly should never EVER be affiliated with science fiction, I don’t know whether to giggle or run away! Examples? Sure. (I did warn you)

From coffee creamer to condoms, Cover Girl to shoe couture, singing fish to potato chips… this may be the most surreal marketing campaign to ever exist. The most likely reason? So many crazed adult fans, so little time to make the big bucks!


Since the 1977 release of Star Wars, Jedi enthusiasts and Darth Vader apologists alike have come out in droves in anticipation of the latest instalment of the epic franchise. What is it about this sci-fi epic that appeals to so many people?

  • Star Wars is genre-defining. It was the first feature film of its kind and it opened the gate for space-based science fiction to occupy an unshakeable position in mainstream culture.
  • The story of the original trilogy of Star Wars is one of humanity’s favourite stories. David beats Goliath. The underdog good topples the powerhouse evil.
  • The universe is vast. Multiple planets are mentioned, visited and explored. All manner of sentient and non-sentient beings are on display, including the primary antagonist being a mixture of both. Entire books have been written just about the spaceships, land vehicles, and weapons that exist in Star Wars. And those are just the films…
  • The movies aren’t the end of the story. In fact, the seven Star Wars feature films that exist only comprise around 35 years of the history of the galaxy. There is so much more information to explore, whether via novels, comic books, video games, or the Star Wars Wiki (lovingly nicknamed Wookieepedia).
  • The stories are relevant to children as well as adults. A 40-year-old can watch these films or read these books and get just as much pleasure and satisfaction as a 10-year-old. The Star Wars universe isn’t something that just fades away as you grow older.

And to some in Britain… it’s more than just a story.

According to The Yorkshire Post:

“Nearly 3,000 people in Leeds revealed their religion as Jedi in the latest government Census, more than any other local authority area in the country.

It means that, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens about to go on general cinema release, Leeds is officially the Jedi capital of the country.”

So whether you’re a super fan or super annoyed at all the hype… it can’t be denied that Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that has crossed over the pond with mass appeal. Do you love it or hate it? Are you standing in line waiting with your Boba Fett helmet or avoiding the theatres altogether? Leave me a comment and let’s talk about it!