Chocolate, Rum, and Under The Sea

Barbados, the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean is where it’s at this week. The Barbados Food and Rum Festival is here and I’m in Barbados right in the thick of it and having an amazing time!

The Food and Rum Festival has morphed into a culinary and beverage extravaganza, celebrating the very best cuisine that Barbados has to offer. Both British influence and African culture infuses Bajan life. The blend of the two makes for a rich tapestry of sophistication and flair. You can find the synthesis of culture throughout Barbados;  musically, architecturally, and most importantly through the one thing we all love… FOOD.

The act of sharing food with others brings an abundance of benefits, helping us make friends, find love and end hostility. The custom of partaking in nourishment remove barriers and helps us explore new cultures and build stronger relationships when we socialise. Food remains at the centre of every culture and Barbados is no exception.


F15094248_10157621412920161_3557005133663836178_nirst, it was off to taste delicious chocolate at Agapey Chocolate Factory

I delved into luxuriously rich dark chocolate is made with all natural ingredients made in the traditional way with added touches of modern technology for the best chocolate available.

Agapey uses high quality single sourced 100% flavored cacao of the criollo and nacional cacao trees that comes directly from the Caribbean and South American regions.

In addition to using the highest quality beans, Agapey also uses world renowned Barbadian Plantation Reserve Gold Cane Sugar. Agapey only uses regional and local ingredients are so simple and pure that you can taste and smell the natural flavors of the cocoa beans.

It was a foray into chocolatey deliciousness.



15094949_10157625385015161_7050841814611760520_nNext stop was the Mount Gay Rum distillery which is always amazing and had a healthy lunch full of veg.

I definitely had a taste of the Good Times at the home of Mount Gay …the world’s oldest rum and an integral part of Barbados’ history.

Barbados Mount Gay Rum Tours shared all the mysteries of rum-making at its best. I learned all the secrets involved in the fascinating traditional processes of producing the world’s finest rum – refining, ageing, blending & bottling, and the ancient craft of barrel assembly.

And the food? Scrumptious. Fresh. Delicious.


15056435_10157625935225161_1642066914931000096_nFollowed by lunch with Chef Jason Howard 150ft below sea level on the Atlantis Submarine …. which was scary… but exciting.

sub1 Chef Jason Howard Quaterfinalist Master Chef Professionals UK 2015 is Barbadian born and Vincentian by decent is marking his place in history as a Modern Caribbean chef.  Infusing the flavors from his home cuisine with French cooking techniques we were delighted with his cuisine under the sea!
Atlantis Submarines offers truly unique, fun, family friendly, natural underwater (and over-water) Caribbean adventures. It’s one of the top things to do in Barbados! Being able to eat phenomenally prepared food whilst under the sea was an experience I’ll not soon forget!


Remember folks, this was just the FIRST FEW DAYS… watch this space for interviews, photos, and more on my experience at the Barbados Food And Rum Festival! Keep up to date with me on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! x