Black History Month 2021 – The Next Generation

It’s Black History Month and there’s a difference between the black historians that are celebrated today versus the black historians 20/30 years ago!  Seasons change, fashion changes and so does life. 

We still love Martin Luther King, Garrett A Morgan, Charles Drew, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Viola, Michelle Obama, great people who undertook great deeds. However, Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z have a different perspective on black history, but its history all the same. 

Being much more media led, traditional and social, people are held in high esteem for different reasons.  There is a different level of strength that black people now undergo, albeit less physically violent in some instances.  There is a much higher level of mental strength that is required in social places, in the workplace, media and life in general.

The name George Floyd turned history on its head when people of all races watched as he was brutally murdered and took his last breath.  For the first time different races got a minuscule of understanding and recognition with regards to the trauma and the pain that black people have been through historically and why there is an importance to celebrate black history. 

And still we rise.

Let’s celebrate the adversities, the triumphs, the misunderstandings alongside all that we’ve had to endure in order to reach our goals professionally and personally. 

Let’s celebrate Black History Month!