Caitlyn Jenner: the new ‘IT’ girl

Caitlyn Jenner has been unveiled as the face of H&M’s new sportswear campaign.

This, right after the announcement of the 66-year-old revealing that she is partnering with MAC Cosmetics.


She took to Twitter to share the news with her millions of fans, “Some days I just gotta say…I love that I’m finally free to be me. #TransIsBeautiful”  The former Olympian wears black leggings, a black track jacket and black sneakers. H&M tweeted the same photo promising more will come soon.


This is the second major campaign for the transgender star. Just last month, Jenner was named the new face of MAC Cosmetics. Although it’s unclear how much Jenner will earn from her latest endorsement, insiders say her makeup deal is worth at least seven figures.

She’s also in the news for her political views. Declaring herself a staunch republican, she publicly stated her support for Ted Cruz and called Hillary a ‘hack’.  After the uproar from the trans community, she appears to be listening to their objections to her political views. Has she had a change of heart? One can only hope.

There’s no doubt that Caitlyn is making major waves in the world of fashion and popular culture. What do you think about Caitlyn’s unending popularity? Would love to hear all about it! Tweet me @AngieGreaves and let’s talk about it!