Firstly let me just confirm that this feature IS for you too Mr Male reader…

This is about the different attitudes we adopt that result in some women putting themselves last.  Let me give you an example…

Man: “honey, I’m off to bed”

Woman: “I’m right behind you”

However, the woman will find things to do before she actually retires to bed for the night.  She’ll sort out the dishwasher, unload and reload the washing machine because then she won’t have to do it in the morning, tidy and sweep the kitchen, tidy the sitting room and fluff up the cushions, make sure there’s enough dinner money on her child’s parent pay account, check whether it’s recycling collection the next morning and put the recycling out, check the burglar alarm etc etc and will probably end up going to bed an hour after she said she would.

She feels that these are things she “must” do and the ripple effect results in her not being kind to herself because she believes she needs to be kind to everyone else first.  Males are programmed very differently, this is not meant as a disrespect, it’s a fact that we are embracing and trying to work through.

A well known eating programme has recently taken the concept of women being more kind to themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that they can make more informed choices to have better lives, fuller lives and happier lives which in turn means everyone around them will have happier lives.

Applying a more holistic approach to life is the mission and to ultimately not feel so pressured all the time about how they are performing, what they eat, how they look, how they appear to the outside world, and believing the myth that being superwoman without the superhero’s costume is giving a great impression that they are oh so perfect, strong and holding it together, when behind closed doors they are stressed, drinking too much wine to wind down and their brains are moving at 75 miles per hour and their bodies can just about keep up.

Annie Auerbach the brains behind #WomanKind had a Skype chat with me about why she and her team felt this was so important with the brand she is working on, and how she can hopefully use the brand to make small and subtle changes that will ultimately create a noticeable change in attitude.