Call me Caitlyn Jenner!


Its 31st May and I’m preparing to return from New York to go back to the UK and a colleague in the radio business in New York calls me to let me know that by the time I land, or at least by the Monday evening UK time, the new Bruce Jenner images would be public.  So said, so done.

Goodbye Bruce, welcome Caitlyn Jenner.

But before we talk about how Caitlyn looks, her style, the hair, the clothing etc,  the big debate has been whether this step is positive or whether this is a negative example of celebrity?

Is Bruce confused or has Bruce lived his life in pain?

Caitlyn Jenner


Bruce was openly discussing with Diane Sawyer that his love of wearing women’s clothing was something that he felt from a very young age, and there were even occasions when his daughter’s and step daughter would see him in female clothing, but didn’t realise just how serious he was about his preference.

In the short film clip he says once the Vanity Fair cover is published and on he stands, he is free.  That word “free” spoke volumes, and free indeed he is to introduce himself to the world at Caitlyn with full on basque, ball gown and  tight fitting red dress with matching lipstick whilst at the wheel her car.

It can’t have been easy hiding for so many years, so I assume to admit being free to go so public on the front of Vanity Fair and be photographed by the iconic Annie Lebowitz is Fabulous.

Not only does Caitlyn look Fabulous, but I bet Caitlyn Feels Fabulous too.

Cover photo from Vanity Fair