Summer Pregnancy?

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How to Stay Cool During Pregnancy?

Summer pregnancies can be a miserable experience. The added weight of the baby combined with the rising temperatures can make any woman uncomfortable and irritable. When the temperatures start to climb there are some easy ways you can stay comfortably cool and actually enjoy being pregnant in the summer.

Easy ways to stay cool during summer pregnancy

  1. Wear loose, cotton clothes

One of the easiest ways to stay cool and comfortable during your summer pregnancy is to wear loose fitting clothing made from cotton or linen. These natural fibers are breathable and help to promote cooling air flow, along with releasing any heat generated from your body. Loose clothing is also more comfortable to move around in, which is always an added bonus when you are pregnant. Another helpful tip is to wear lighter colors when the temperatures start to rise. Not only will this help to reflect some of the heat from the sun, but it can also give you the illusion of feeling cooler and more comfortable.

  1. Hats

Wide brimmed hats are a fun and effective way to stay cool during the hot summer months, and there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. A floppy hat can be the perfect accessory with almost any outfit, along with providing cool shade from the hot summer sun. Hats with wider brims can also protect your sensitive skin from the sun’s damaging rays, along with shading your eyes from bright sunlight.

  1. Stay hydrated

While everyone needs to be concerned about staying hydrated during the hot summer months, it is especially important when you are pregnant. Your body will naturally begin to perspire in an effort to cool itself down, and it is important to stay hydrated to prevent overheating. When you are dehydrated your body cannot perspire, and your internal temperature can begin to rise to dangerous levels. Carrying a bottle of water with you at all times is the best and easiest way to ensure that you stay hydrated. Some pregnant women also recommend adding a twist of lemon or crushed mint leaves to add natural flavor, and encourage regular drinking.

  1. Swimming

Most health care professionals recommend regular exercise when you are pregnant, and one of the safest and most effective workouts is swimming. The water acts as a natural shock absorber for the baby, and swimming is also effective at promoting cardiovascular health. The cool water can also help reduce painful swelling in your feet and ankles, along with helping you stay comfortable in the hot weather. It should be mentioned that before you dive into a pool or other body of water it is important to speak with your health care adviser to ensure that it is safe for you and the baby.

  1. Cool wraps

There are pressure points located throughout your body that can also help cool you down during your summer pregnancy. Placing a cool, damp towel on the back of your neck can help draw out body heat, while also cooling you down. Splashing cold water on your wrists and ankles can also help lower your body temperature so you can actually enjoy being pregnant during the summer. Along with using towels, a chilled bandana can also be worn as a chic accessory that will also help you stay cool and comfortable.

  1. Mist the sheets and pillow

It is almost impossible to sleep at night when you are hot and uncomfortable, and this feeling is even worse when you are pregnant. Getting plenty of rest is essential to the health of you and your baby, and there are a couple tips that can help you get all the sleep you need. Lightly misting your pillow and sheet with cool water can help you fall asleep in comfortable temperatures. Adding natural lavender or another soothing fragrance will also help you relax on hot summer nights. A small, oscillating fan can also improve air flow and help you sleep through the night.

How to stay cool during summer pregnancyThere are several quick and easy ways to stay cool during the summer, even if you are pregnant. While you should speak with your health care provider before you start swimming, there are plenty of methods that will keep you cool and are safe for your baby. Simply by following these tips, you might actually find that you don’t mind being pregnant in the summer.