Can you Stand the Rain?

Sometimes when it rains, it pours and life has a way of asking for more of you even when you think you have no more to give. Especially for people who feel that they cannot fit anything else into their 24 hour day and yet there is more they want to do but no ‘spare’ time.

However it is not always your time which is required, sometimes it’s a state of mind which needs elevating to trust that ‘spare’ time WILL open up if you determine that it will. That when you think you can’t, you CAN find a way through, over or under a thing.

So, maybe it’s changing the thought of ‘how on earth will we do this?’ to ‘HOW can we do this?’ or ‘this is where I’d like to be, HOW can I get there? What needs to happen to get me there? What help do I need?’ (However, don’t forget to accept the help when it comes!) Ask yourselves, what I’m I willing to do to get there? More hours? Plan? Facilitate? Grow? Sometimes we need to dig deep but there is ALWAYS more strength within us than we can imagine.

It can be hard work, blood sweat and tears, during some seasons of life. Waking up earlier, staying later, send that important email, meet the person who matters, re-adjust your teams? It can take a pushing, however for this phase it may be that we can take 10 steps forward in one big step rather than pidgeon steps all the time.

It can take a moment of thought and emotion, your head and your heart to determine your path so that even hard work becomes easy, as simple as choosing to smile instead of frown, for life to reveal itself, manifest and blossom. Sometimes when it rains, it is life testing us, ‘do you really want it?’, ‘are you ready?’.

Then, yes, it takes the resolve, the persistency, the courage to push through the ‘eye of the needle’ as I like to call it, squeezing through that almost impossible small space to reach the other side. They say that the most successful people just never give up, no matter how many mistakes or setbacks, they didn’t blame others, they found a way to always get up, to always show up, to take responsibility and just get on with it.

We can crumble, we can fall but we can crawl until we can walk, until we can run and sprint through life. So…can you stand the rain?

Practical steps to take:

1.       Every day tell yourself ‘this is easy’ even when it feels hard as it takes the pressure off
2.       Determine to carve out time in the day for what really matters to you to top up your soul
3.       Tell yourself ‘I CAN DO IT!’
4.       Reinvent who you are ‘smiley’ v angry woman; helpless or hopeful; downtrodden or triumphant. Start shifting your focus.
5.       Say ‘NO’…say ‘YES’ it’s your choice
6.       Determine what you need right now across life eg work, finances, relationships etc – change the record in your head and visualise the scenes you desire…write it down, draw it or cut it out of magazines…sometimes you travel at the speed of trust, so enjoy and trust the journey
7.       Big deep breath…drop those shoulders…now continue but realigned mind, body and soul
8.       “I GOT THIS”