Christmas Spirit 2020

As I’m maneuvering around Central London to and from work, not only is it quiet but there’s a mystic, airy, unsettled feeling in the air BUT it’s brightened up by Christmas lights and decorations, and I’m determined to get into the Spirit of the Season!

Staying connectedbut apart.

Everything looks different this year due to Covid. It’s more important than ever to stay connected this holiday season. It’s hard to feel festive when some of us can’t see our families.

Plan an Online Party: Set up Skype/Zoom calls with friends and family well in advance to account for time zones and ensuring you get to speak over the festive period. I’ve even heard of families planning on celebrating together/apart over Zoom – times have sure changed and it makes me ever so grateful for technology!

Get Personal: Instead of the usual slew of impersonal Christmas cards, have everyone sit together and write an actual letter (a lost art I know) and send it snail mail. In this day and age of technology overload, a handwritten, personal letter of warmth and good cheer can create a magic all of it’s own this holiday season.

Get Outdoorsy: We’ve always worried about decorating the front yard, but this year people are focusing on bringing the comfort of the inside to the backyard. I’ve seen some gorgeous outdoor tents, fire pits, outdoor heaters, and the like. Grab some heated blankets, cocoa, and enjoy a festive outdoors holiday whilst keeping with the social distancing guidelines.

Good news for us in the UK

We can enjoy Christmas with more than 5 family members, so stay safe, stay clean, wash your hands before and after Christmas dinner, season your turkey well and put disinfectant in your gravy! 

Seriously though, I think it’s a good thing, but not everyone agrees and feels a little unsettled about putting elder family members in danger.  My mum is 88 and I hate thinking like this but purely because of age could this be her last Christmas? Is having all her children and grandchildren around her being responsible? Are we putting her in danger? 

I think this is one for a social media debate!  Let’s talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.