A New You for 2015

…Easy Steps To Change That Won’t Cost A Penny by Angie Greaves

One of the biggest mistakes we all make (myself included) is to make giant leaps of change in January, hoping that we can keep up the energy level amongst the daily rituals of life and then get disappointed when we get defeated. At the rate at which we steam ahead, it is not surprising that we crash, burn and go right back to square one. We have all done it; make a massive decision to diet, exercise 4/5 times a week, change our hair, change our wardrobe, spend more time with family etc etc etc.

Below I’ve set some realistic goals which will not be too much of a change or feel unnatural. These are gradual changes which can fit comfortably into your lifestyle and when the results start to show you can up the energy level and start to remove those actions from your life which are not helping you.

 These goals are all based on our Feeling Fab Mission

 Health and Fitness 

Take it from me, FORGET THE DIET.

Diets are stressful. The words DON’T, CAN’T, SHOULDN’T, MUSTN’T, within a sentence that has FOOD or EAT is like waving a red rag to a bull. Your eating habits have been with you for years and have formed part of who you are. Having an unrealistic eating plan pushed onto you is very stressful.

Find the point of stress that has formed your eating pattern and start there. For example, if you’ve been in an abusive relationship and eat to cover up the pain, no diet can take the memories of that relationship away, so there’s your starting point. Deal with the pain first!

Set yourself a mission to reduce foods you find the most addictive. Perhaps three roast potatoes instead of four, you’re still having roast potatoes. Maybe two glasses of wine instead of three, you can still enjoy some wine. Ever tried homemade chips instead of chips from the chip shop?? They’re still chips.

The Gym

Keep your money in your pocket and try taking a morning walk. Headphones on, upbeat music and off you go. It wakes you up, and you get the best of the morning air. One morning a week becomes two mornings which becomes three and so on. I find that no matter how cold it is I LOVE walking… although it has been a gradual build up. When your energy levels are up and you’ve burned off some fat (walking is great cardio), then think about Gym membership, you’re more likely to maintain the work you’ve put in yourself than listen to someone telling you how to live your life!!

Hear Angie speak to Dr Michael Mosley  about the ‘Fast Diet’

and read the full article on here on Feeling Fab which was originally published 5th January in the Mail Online.

Hair and Beauty 

Treat yourself to regular hair appointments, why shouldn’t you? You’re so worth it. I dropped off on the weekly hair appointment towards the tail end of last year, but I’m back on the hair mission.

In the beauty arena the suggestion is a large glass of water before bed. Water is probably the best beauty treatment for skin, and remember what goes “in” always manifests itself on the “outside”. Investing in makeup is great, but looking after the skin that you’re putting the makeup on is even better.


I made the best decision for my family in July of last year when I changed my broadcasting hours, there were a few suppressed emotions that needed attention. However, this year it’s really about balancing those scales between work and daily life.  For one week, one hour per evening, turn off the television, mobile phones and iPads and have a conversation amongst yourselves.

Books and Reading

I’m always reading something, and my plan this year is to share my reads with the Feeling Fab community and also invite you to do the same.  So I’m setting a target to have two Feeling Fab Book Club (FFBC) events one every six months, that’s my book club goal and I trust you’ll join me.

Believe You Are Fabulous and Stay Fabulous throughout 2015.

Angie x

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