Claire Richards: All Of Me

I spoke to Claire Richards from Steps about her new autobiography, All Of Me: My Story.

Claire Richards, young, fit and with a figure to die for, reached the dizzying heights of fame in the hit band Steps when she was only twenty.

When she left, and Steps split shortly after, the world was shocked by the news.

Now, writing with incredible honesty, Claire tells her story, from her teenage music career to her big break with Steps.

She reveals that while in the band she faced harsh pressure to stay thin, and starved herself for years. Feeling broken by the experience, she finally left and sank into a pit of depression, gaining huge amounts of weight and losing all self-esteem. Believing her career was over, she also had to cope with a painful split from her Steps dancer husband.

Claire Richards, All Of Me: My Story

Thankfully finding love with her now husband, Reece, got her back on track. He didn’t care about her size; he just wanted Claire. And, after seeing her weight go up and down for years, Claire has refused to diet any more. Happily married, with two kids, she’s finally comfortable in her own skin on stage and screen.

In this book, with humour, grace and sincerity, she shares her journey to her happy ending.

Listen to the interview on the Magic website. Have you read the book, do you identify with Claire’s struggle with her weight?