Mary Daniels : Wild Awakening


My train read over the Christmas period going to and from work was ‘Wild Awakening – 9 Questions That Saved My Life’ by Mary Daniels.

Having met Mary it was actually quite hard to take some pages of the book in, as she details quite profoundly the childhood abuse that she suffered, other experiences of her life and why she wanted to actually take her life.

If you ever have thoughts about your behaviour patterns and why you sometimes attract specific types of people in your life, then this is definitely a book worth tapping into.  The first blueprint in our lives is so important as it forms the foundation of the people we attract, the physical relationships that we may enter and also forms our views on sex and our sexual relationships.

The beauty of Mary’s book is that it displays that behaviour patterns can be broken, repeated behaviour cycles can be stopped and we do have it in us to make this happen.  It’s a real 21st century read, in that the language and the way she re-produces some of the accounts from her childhood, perhaps 5 maybe 10 years ago, would have been regarded as offensive, but this is a real read.  This doesn’t pull punches.  If ever a book had an essence of being direct and real – which is truly what we need to be in order to create the wisdom to overcome our demons – this is the book.

I spoke with Mary Daniels as she shared a part of her heart and the reasons behind writing Wild Awakening.